"The European Council stresses the need to increase energy efficiency in the EU so as to achieve the objective of saving 20% of the EU’s energy consumption compared to projections for 2020, as estimated by the Commission in its Green Paper on Energy Efficiency, and to make good use of their National Energy Efficiency Action Plans for this purpose."

Presidency Conclusions of the Brussels European Council (March 2007)
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This website addresses measuring, monitoring and evaluation issues under the new EU Directive on energy end-use efficiency and energy services (ESD). Twenty-one European organisations assisted the European Commission in developing harmonised evaluation methods. These methods can be used to evaluate the measures implemented to achieve the 9% energy savings target set out for the EU Member States in the new Directive.

Latest news:

EMEEES project completed

The IEE funded project officially ended on 30 April 2009. It has now published its final results, most importantly,
  1. a system of bottom-up and top-down methods for the evaluation of around 20 types of energy efficiency technologies and/or energy efficiency improvement measures, enabling the Member States to calculate more than 90 % of the energy savings from the measures listed in the national Energy Efficiency Action Plans (NEEAPs),
  2. principles for ensuring consistency between bottom-up and top-down methods (more),
  3. recommendations, for which types of energy efficiency technologies and/or energy efficiency improvement measures the use of bottom-up and top-down methods is appropriate based on the project’s findings (more),
  4. reporting checklists for bottom-up and top-down evaluations that aim to facilitate the reporting and make the calculation and assumptions as transparent and comparable as possible, and
  5. a software tool for the European Commission to assess the NEEAPs, tested for three countries.
The final report „Measuring and reporting energy savings for the Energy Services Directive - how it can be done. Results and recommendations from the EMEEES project“ is now available to the public. It presents a detailed, yet comprehensive overview of the major insights gained and main results produced by the project consortium.

All other reports and publications that were created during the 30-month project period have also been finalised and can be accessed in the Publications section.

EMEEES Project - Final Conference on 15 October 2008 in Brussels

"Harmonised Methods for Evaluating Energy End-Use Efficiency and Energy Services"

More information and detailed documentation of the event is provided here.

Measuring energy savings in Europe

The EU Directive on energy end-use efficiency and energy services (ESD) set an indicative target for EU Member States to achieve a 9 % annual energy saving by 2016 from new energy services and other energy efficiency improvement measures. But until now there has been no common methodology on how to measure and evaluate these savings. More information and concrete evaluation tools can be found here. more

Frequently used terms

Definitions, frequently used terms and energy efficiency acronyms are provided for your information and better understanding. more

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